MUJI Shanghai Employee Dormitory & MUJIcom Shanghai Baoyang Powerlong Plaza

 On Friday, November 27, “MUJIcom Shanghai Baoyang Powerlong Plaza” and “Powerlong Apartment Designed by MUJI” opened, and MUJI Shanghai’s first employee dormitory also debuted in Shanghai, Mainland China.

 In Shanghai, one of China's largest cities, house rent is quite high, and this has become a burden for many employees who need to rent a house in Shanghai. MUJI Shanghai considers it its responsibility to solve the problems faced by its employees. By providing a home-like comfortable warm living space to its employees, it is also proposing a new way of living in large cities. In addition to accommodation rooms with different interiors utilizing the warmth of natural materials, large common spaces are equipped with kitchen, sofas, televisions, bookshelves, and counter seats on the window side. In this way, we created an environment in which employees can communicate with each other even after work.

 MUJIcom Shanghai Baoyang Powerlong Plaza is located in the same building as MUJI Shanghai employee dormitoriy. Based on the principle of “making convenience more accessible”, we not only sell carefully selected daily necessities and foods, but also provide products, services and a comfortable environment that meet the needs of the residents and the neighborhood. The restaurant offers delicious coffee & bread and boxed lunches made of fresh ingredients. The café area is also available for simple meals and short breaks. In the future, we plan to further evolve and open a laundry area on the 2nd floor of the store to provide 24-hour laundry services to local residents.

 In addition, MUJI provides the overall design, including the design for common areas, and the interior designs of each room for “Powerlong Apartment Designed by MUJI.” While maintaining the overall harmony based on an integrated space design, the space also meets the lifestyle needs of the residents.

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