Supporting All Aspects of Everyday Life - MUJI Tokyo Ariake Opened

 On Thursday, December 3, MUJI Tokyo Ariake opened with largest sales floor area among all MUJI stores in the Kanto area.
 This store not only provides almost all MUJI products, but also offers eight new products/services in three themes: “Life Support” “Home Building” and “Community Development.” It wishes to become a full-scale grocery store that goes beyond the traditional concept of department store and could truly serve the daily lives of the local residents for a long time.

 The first floor is a marketplace for food-related products and services such as the buy-in-bulk of basic food items like grains, pasta, coffee, etc. and the sales of fresh fruits and vegetables. Foliage plants that help enrich people's daily lives is also available here. MUJI Bakery offers curry bread limited to MUJI Tokyo Ariake, which is filled with Keema Curry made of minced meat and ten types of spices.
 2F is a floor filled with housing-related contents including a full-scale model house of MUJI Plain House (Yo no Ie). We also developed a variety of new services, such as tidying-up service and partial renovation service, to make homes more adaptable to the changes in lifestyles.
 3F is a “component shop” for everyday living. It handles clothing and household goods that support customers’ everyday life. We developed a new non-contact type of wood playground utilizing the timber offcuts from MUJI’s furniture, so that people can enjoy it by seeing the movement and listening to its sound. In addition, the services of selling detergents by weight and selling scarf by length are also available.

 In addition to these new services and products, MUJI Tokyo Ariake is also working with Koto Ward to collect and recycle used clothes that are no longer needed regardless of its brand of place of purchase, or surplus food products (food drive activity).

 In the future, MUJI Tokyo Ariake will continue to serve as a platform for activities that benefit local communities, focusing on "co-creation" with consumers, companies, and governments.

Website: MUJI Tokyo Ariake (In Japanese)