Traveling Exhibition "MINGEI" to be Held

 MUJI will hold a traveling exhibition “MINGEI” to present works owned by the Japan Folk Crafts Museum. Between January 16th (Saturday), 2021 and March 7th (Sunday), 2021, the exhibition will be held at MUJI Naoetsu, which opened in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture in July 2020, followed by other MUJI stores in Tokyo/Ginza, and other locations throughout Japan.

 The Folk Craft Movement and MUJI, though born at different times, have been questioning their own origins in the consumer society in response to trends and changes in lifestyles. This exhibition is designed to create a new flag for MUJI in the future. With the cooperation of the Japan Folk Crafts Museum, the exhibition helps us learn about the beauty of folk crafts, and create a message that will lead us to find a way forward.
 This exhibition utilizes the Open MUJI communication space in MUJI Naoetsu to present folk craft works born from people’s daily living, as well as MUJI’s products, which form the daily basics of modern life.

 As its name implies, Mujirushi Ryohin (MUJI) has been manufacturing products that can be integrated into everyday life without over-emphasizing their usages. We hope that our products can be integrated into every corner of people’s day-to-day living – the kitchen, living room, washroom, and other locations, not only throughout Japan but also around the world. We hope that this exhibition will be an opportunity for visitors to thoroughly examine each of the ideas embodied in MUJI’s product manufacturing.

Website:Traveling exhibition “MINGEI” (In Japanese)