MUJI BOOK 2 Released

On Friday, November 27, we released the book MUJI BOOK 2 and it is now available at 48 MUJI stores across Japan as well as at MUJI online store.

This book is the sequel to MUJI BOOK issued in 2020, when MUJI celebrated its 30th anniversary. MUJI BOOK was not a product catalog, instead, it included MUJI’s history and archives in the past 30 years – the background of MUJI’s product development and visual communications, essays and discussions by members of MUJI’s advisory board and creative celebrities, and other diverse perspectives to communicate the past and future of MUJI.

MUJI BOOK 2 draws a picture of the decade after MUJI BOOK was published. It indicates the lifestyles in the new era that MUJI has noticed through its product manufacturing and communications with customers during the past ten years when the society has drastically changed, and presents them with abundant visual images and articles written by 30 people.

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