Launch of the Soybean Meat Series

On Wednesday, October 28, we launched four products of the soybean meat series at MUJI stores and MUJI Online Store. The Soybean Meat Hamburg and Meatball are delicious to eat and convenient to prepare – meat lovers can enjoy them by simply heating them up. The Minced Soybean Meat and Soy Meat Slices are processed so that they can be used as ingredients for cooking immediately. Since there are a lot of frozen or dried soybean meat products, we aim to provide the kind of products that can be stored at room temperature and that do not need to soak in water before it can be processed. We hope that this could be an opportunity to introduce soybean meats to daily dining tables.

MUJI proposes the idea of “a simple, pleasant life” in various countries and regions around the world. In addition to selling products that are needed for daily life, we are focusing on a variety of issues that society is facing today. With the concern that the rapid increase in global population will trigger future problems such as food security and environmental problems, we believe that this is an issue we cannot avoid.

The world's population is expected to reach 10 billion by 2050. At the same time, the demand for meat is said to increase by 1.8 times compared to 2010 *1, indicating that securing protein will become an important issue in the future. In addition, there are concerns that in order to meet the demand in meat supply, more livestock will be raised and the amount of grains and water needed will increase according. At the same time, the CO2 emission from these livestock will also increase, resulting in the destruction of the environment. As a solution to these problems, we propose soybean meat that is mainly made from soybean*2, which consumes less water in the production process than producing beef and pork, and at the same time generates less CO2*3.

We hope that soybean, which is common to the dining table, could enable people to think about environmental issues. It could also provide people with another choice to enrich their dietary life, while reflecting growing health consciousness and increased ethical consumption.

※1 Food Security Office, Policy Division, Minister's Secretariat, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, "Prospects for Global Food Supply and Demand in 2050"
※2 Data from OKI Lab, IIS. The University of Tokyo
※3 Source: Basic Database for Carbon Footprint Communication Program, Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry

Soybean Meat Series (MUJI Online Store)