Supporting All Aspects of Everyday Life - MUJI Tokyo Ariake to be opened

MUJI Tokyo Ariake will be opened on Thursday, December 3rd as a store that supports all the aspects of everyday life.

MUJI aims to achieve “a simple, pleasant life and a simple, pleasant society” by offering products with honest quality and satisfying meaning at reasonable prices in the basic domains of clothing, food, and living, and by promoting independent store management to revitalize local communities. The spread of the COVID-19 has drastically changed people’s lifestyles and sense of values. To open a store under such circumstances, MUJI Tokyo Ariake aims to support the daily lives of people living in the area by providing products and services that could meet the needs of every aspect in day-to-day living: foods such as rice and fresh vegetables, tools useful in daily life such as spoons and socks, interior renovation, the sale of houses, and community development. MUJI Tokyo Ariake has the largest sales floor area among all MUJI stores in the Kanto area. It not only provides almost all MUJI products, but also offers eight new products/services in three themes: “Life Support” “Home Building” and “Community Development.” It wishes to become a full-scale grocery store that goes beyond the traditional concept of department store and could truly serve the daily lives of the local residents for a long time.

【Life Support】We will develop a variety of new services, such as tidying-up service and fixed-rate monthly rental service for foliage plants to meet each individual's needs and improve their living environment. In addition, we will develop food-related products and services that are central to our daily lives, such as the sales of fresh produce or the selling of foods by weight.

【Home Building】In order to cope with the dramatic changes in lifestyles caused by COVID-19, we are working with our customers to consider comfortable living environment that is “just right” for each individual, as well as its versatility for long-term use and the rationality of its functions. We also provide partial renovation and full-scale renovation services to make homes more adaptable to the changes in lifestyles.

【Community Development】Making use of our experience in space designing so far centered on regional collaboration, we will start services to design spaces in the four fields - “homes,” “offices,” “commercial facilities” and “public spaces”, which will make the entire community “the space that we live in.”

In addition, we plan to work with Koto Ward, in which the store is located, to reduce waste and create a recycling-oriented society by collecting used clothing and promoting food drive initiatives at the store. What is more, we plan to organize talk events inviting those who have been engaged in the opening of the store, and to hold workshops such as wipe-cloth making or sacred rice-straw rope making.

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