Flagship Store MUJI ILLUM Copenhagen Opened

MUJI ILLUM Copenhagen, MUJI’s flagship store in Denmark, opened on Friday 9th October 2020 on the 4th floor of ILLUM, the department store located in in central Copenhagen.

The flagship store is partially made from reclaimed wood sourced from multiple locations in Denmark, such as an old national hospital building originally built in 1910, an old factory located outside of Copenhagen and the Kastrup airport. Many of the walls in the flagship store are finished in a special Eco plaster, which is made from 100% recycled materials, and the artisan researched traditional Japanese installation techniques to ensure the movement in the plaster is authentic.

The flagship store introduces TeaHouse, MUJI’s first tea room in Europe. The menu at TeaHouse includes a fine selection of tea, coffee and pastries as well as a range of Japanese confectionary. TeaHouse counter is clad with a basket weave material made from willow whips, featuring the traditional weaving technique in Denmark to make small weaving products. The basket weave is made by hand on site by a local artisan.

In addition to a wide range of daily necessities such as fashion, household goods and food items, the flagship store also introduces a variety of locally grown and produced food including sixteen types of tea to customers in Denmark. Working together with Danish tea advisors, MUJI has developed a series of special tea blends for customer to enjoy at home.

MUJI ILLUM Copenhagen will strive to serve as a community-based store to foster connections among people and also to connect people with the society.