Activity Report on Emergency Support to July 2020 Floods

 As one of the measures to support those in southern Kyushu Area who suffered from the July 2020 floods caused by heavy rainfall from July 3, we called for support by placing fundraising boxes at MUJI stores from July 13 (Monday) to September 27 (Sunday) and collected a total donation of 1,962,803 JPY. The donation from customers were transferred via Ryohin Keikaku to the “Emergency Response to July 2020 Floods Account” of Japan Platform (JPF), an emergency humanitarian aid NPO which offers effective and prompt emergency aid, to support the onsite activities. In addition, we provided MUJI products such as innerwear, socks, and food items to those who suffered through local municipalities. We sincerely hope that the victims will be able to return to normal life as soon as possible.

 From Monday, September 28, we have changed the theme of the fundraising boxes to “JPF Emergency Disaster Reconstruction Support Fund”, and will continue to collect donations.

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