Price Review for Apparel Products to Fit All Scenes of Day-to-day Life

 With the aim of “Keep Reviewing, Always a Good Price”, MUJI has conducted the price review for its apparel products – mainly basic daily wear – during the autumn/winter season of 2020. By further promoting reasonable prices for 72 apparel items, it is aiming to better serve the daily lives of its customers.

 MUJI has been offering high-quality, sustainable clothing centered on natural materials at affordable prices that are always easy to purchase. Starting from Friday, October 2, we have drastically revised prices for all types of clothes needed for every aspect of daily life from the morning to the evening, centered on core items such as clothing and underwear made of natural materials, e.g. cotton, wool and down feather. By visiting the production sites and factories of raw materials and sharing knowledge with production partners, we were able to provide products at these new prices, which are also welcomed by the customers. Nowadays, since the ON and OFF switch in daily life becomes unclear, we want our customers to spend their daily lives pleasantly, and refresh themselves while enjoying the comfort of natural materials.

 We will continue to refine the quality, price, and meaning of our products to provide customers with healthy and beautiful lifestyle basics.

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