Sales of MUJI products have started in PX Mart (Taiwan)

 From Saturday, September 26, the sales of MUJI products at PX Mart has started in Chiayi City, Taiwan.

 PX Mart is a community-based supermarket with 1016 stores in Taiwan.
 Until now, MUJI has opened 53 stores in Taiwan mainly in department stores. In order to bring MUJI products, which are truly fundamental lifestyle basics, closer to the daily life of more customers, we started this initiative to sell MUJI products at PX Mart.

 The first store to hold MUJI product is “PX Mart Chiayi West”, a two-story supermarket with a sales floor area of approximately 1,300 square meters. The sales floor of MUJI is located on the second floor. It has about 1,000 items including T-shirts, underwear, socks, toning water, lotions, stationery, storage supplies, cleaning products, and food items. From the first day of operation, many customers visited the store and said they were happy to be able to purchase MUJI products near their homes.

 In line with the opening of this store, we also reviewed the prices of underwear, socks, health & beauty items, and other products that form the basis of our daily lives.
 Going forward, we will continue to review prices from the consumer's point of view, and we are considering opening stores together with PX Mart in order to better serve the lives or our consumers.

 We are aiming to be the number one in the purchase recall rate among customers in Taiwan, and at the same time, we are working with our customers to achieve our vision of “a simple, pleasant life” that enjoys the elegance and simplicity of "this will do."