Just Right for Everyone - Selling Confectionery by Weight

 From Wednesday, September 16th, the initiative of selling confectioneries (28 items in total) by weight will be started at limited MUJI stores.
 Until now, MUJI has only sold confectionery in full packages. However, we heard some customers said, "It takes time to eat the whole bag," and "I want to compare various kinds of sweets, so it would be great if I can buy them in smaller quantities," and we want to provide a service that allows people to choose between different types of confectionery, depending on the time and the amount they want to eat. This is why we started this initiative of selling individually-packaged confectioneries by weight.
 In addition to chocolates, marshmallows and cookies, which are the most popular MUJI confectionery items, we offer a total of 28 items including rice confectioneries especially developed for this sold-by-weight service, such as kaki-mochi and senbei (rice cracker).
All the items will be sold at the price of 4 yen/gram. The minimum weight to be purchased is 20g.
You can choose a little bit for each item with a wide variety, or a large amount of the item that you like. This is how we respond to each individual's idea of being "just right."
 The service will be offered at 46 large-scale stores, including MUJI GINZA and MUJI Grand Front Osaka, and the number of stores will be expanded to 55 by the end of the year, including new stores scheduled to open in the future.