"Keep Reviewing, Always a Good Price" Going On

 Since September 2020, MUJI is conducting a price review under the theme of “Keep Reviewing, Always a Good Price.”
 We have been reviewing prices for each season in the past, but in order to support the needs of consumers who want to purchase good products at low prices, we are further promoting reasonable prices for products during the Autumn/Winter season of 2020 so that we could truly serve the everyday life of customers.
 We will continue to thoroughly refine “quality,” “price,” and “meaning” to ensure that customers can purchase our products without any worries, especially in an a time when anxiety is spreading due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We aim to be the number one in the purchase recall rate among customers in the basic fields of apparel, household goods, and food items, and we will work together with our customers to create “a simple, pleasant life” where one can enjoy the elegance and simplicity of “this will do.”
 We offer daily necessities – the goodness of which can only be known by actually using them – at affordable prices along with the reason of why and how we conducted the price review. We also offer clothes necessary for the change of season at reasonable prices, so customers can refill their wardrobe or purchase for the whole family's share easily. As the first step, in September we will offer three pairs of socks at 690 yen, cotton warm underwear at 790 yen, and the refill tape (a set of three) for carpet cleaner at 299 yen.
 What is more, useful information provided by MUJI store staff – such as the user review of certain products as well as information that is not able to communicate to every customer at stores – will be distributed via MUJI passport application on a weekly basis.

Website: “Keep Reviewing, Always a Good Price.” (In Japanese)