ITSUMO MOSHIMO - Always ready for emergency

 MUJI proposes the idea of incorporating preparedness into daily life with standard equipment. In other words, we should always be prepared in terms of knowledge and equipment – to form the habit of storing enough food, to always bring a spare battery for cellphone, to get to know reliable sources of information in advance. Such small actions will enhance the capacity of each individual to prepare for emergency situations. It is also important to maintain communication with local residents on a daily basis and talk to each other. This is how we can start being “always ready for emergencies.”

 On Thursday, August 27, we launched three sets of emergency kits for different situations: a Portable Kit, a Go Kit, and a Home Kit. These items are carefully selected, and they can be used not only as emergency supplies when the unexpected occurs, but also as everyday goods. By minimizing the number of items for each kit, we believe that the necessary items will not be duplicated and wasted even if everybody is equipped with one kit.
 The Portable Kit has sanitizing sheet, adhesive bandages and other portable items. It is very compact, and can be carried in bags not only for emergencies but also for daily commuting. The Go Kit adds a compact headlight, an emergency sheet and large-sized body sheets to the items included in the Portable Set. It can be used for normal travels, and is also helpful when evacuating from home in an emergency. The Home Kit, besides all the items included in the Go Kit, also contains gloves that are long in cuffs, and emergency toilet that are normally used for camping and outdoors but can also be helpful at home in emergency situation.
 In line with the launch of the product, MUJI's website “ITSUMO MOSHIMO – Always ready for emergency” has also been renewed. We have also set up a corner in MUJI stores to introduce the new products as well as useful knowledge for emergency situations. We hope that you will take this opportunity to think about how to incorporate preparedness into daily life, so that you and your family can always be ready for emergencies.

ITSUMO MOSHIMO – Always ready for emergency (In Japanese)