Pleasant Live in Housing Complex by MUJI Staff Project Launched

 Hikarigaoka Park Town, the largest new town in Tokyo’s 23 wards, is designed as a residential area with streets and apartments arranged around the Hikarigaoka Park. It has not only convenience, but also good living environment and ready access to the city center.

 In June 2018, we opened an employee accommodation facility “MUJI BASE Hikarigaoka” using a spared facility in the housing complex, and in December 2018, we opened a store in the shopping street of the housing complex called “MUJIcom Hikarigaoka Yurinoki Shotengai”. With these facilities as our bases, we have been actively communicating with residents of the housing complex and neighboring areas, by participating in activities such as the summer festivals held by the residents' association and Christmas festivals hosted by members of the shopping street.

 This time, a new project was launched with the cooperation of the Urban Renaissance Agency (hereafter, UR) who manages the housing complex, and related internal departments such as Store Sales Division, the HR & General Affairs Division, Social Good Division, and MUJI HOUSE. Two staff members working at MUJI stores are actually living in the housing complex. It is the first time for them to live in a housing complex, make connections with the neighborhood, and share their living space with someone else. While asking many questions, they will deliver the “pleasant live in the housing complex” with the theme of “Connection”. At the same time, from the perspective of residents, they are actively participating in activities and events held by the residents' association, the shopping street of the housing complex and MUJIcom Hikarigaoka Yurinoki Shotengai. Through these activities, they hope to communicate the attractiveness of living in the housing complex, thus contributing to the revitalization of the community.

 The rooms where these two members live have been revamped with room-sharing specifications, and they started living in the housing complex since July. Information about living in the housing complex will be regularly updated through a blog on the MUJI×UR Renovation Project. Please keep an eye on the latest updates.

MUJI×UR Housing Complex Renovation Project
Pleasant live in the housing complex – shared living by two

Handwritten floor plan
View from the veranda