On Monday, July 20, MUJI NAOETSU has opened at the Naoetsu Shopping Center in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture. With the theme of “being in the middle of everyday living” of the area, this stores not only introduces the charm and attractions of Joetsu, but is also filled with many new initiatives and services that could serve the everyday life of the customers.

 MUJI NAOETSU, as one of the largest MUJI stores in the world, is home to the “Naotsu Ryohin Market” that sells local agricultural products and specialty goods, as well as the “Naoetsu Ryohin Cafeteria,” which, with the idea of “foods are delicious when enjoyed together,” features curry, ramen noodle, set meals, desserts and other foods that can be enjoyed by all age groups. Communication space “Open MUJI” is also set up for people from all groups to communicate with each other.

 There are plenty of new initiatives unique to this store. The Books & CAFÉ corner features MUJI BOOKS and Starbucks Coffee, where customers can have a relaxing time and enjoy a wide range of books. It is also the first time that Starbucks Coffee opens its store in MUJI. Together with Kaldi Coffee Farm and KUZE FUKU & Co., we are communicating the diversity and pleasure of food. There is also an in-store showroom for Yo no Ie (MUJI Plain House) – the first of its kind – enabling customers to experience the furniture and household goods of MUJI in an actual living scenario. In addition, there is a MUJI CAMP TOOLS section presenting outdoor brands from both Japan and overseas selected from the perspective of MUJI. This is a new initiative unique to the Joetsu, an area rich in nature (eg. the sea, the forest, and mountains in winter for winter sports) where many outdoor activities can be enjoyed.

 What is more, by cooperating with Kubiki Jidosha, the partner company with whom MUJI signed a comprehensive agreement, this store also implements Mobile Sales by Bus to communicate and deliver comfort and pleasure to people living in hilly and mountainous areas, who have difficulty visiting our store. Full-scale operation is scheduled to start from autumn after the trial operation in August.

 Since we place the highest priority on the health and safety of our employees and customers, and in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we will continue carrying out various measures such as managing the health condition of store staff, cleaning and disinfecting the store on a regular basis, limiting the number of customers in the store when it is too crowded and so on, in order to keep a safe and pleasant shopping environment.
 MUJI NAOETSU is filled with regional charms and new initiatives. Please visit the store when you are nearby.