Monthly Flat-rate Service for MUJI and IDÉE Started, Petit Renovation and On-line Consultation Service Expanded

 From Friday, July 17, the application for a monthly flat-rate service (monthly fee from 800 JPY) for furniture and interior items, such as home office sets, will be available at limited MUJI stores. At the same time, we will begin offering “petit renovation” plan, which helps to make a compact home office by slightly changing the room. We will also expand our “lifestyle consultation” services, which allow customers to consult full-time advisers online about their concerns and problems related to daily life.

 MUJI aims to resolve various issues that the society currently faces, by paying careful attention to the earth and the time and bringing pleasure to people and beauty to their lives through its products and services, which are lifestyle basics. Nowadays, people’s working styles are changing dramatically due to factors such as the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, and working at home has become part of our everyday life. In order to respond to the rapidly increasing demand of securing workspaces at home and creating a comfortable working environment, MUJI will start the following services to serve the lives of people and the society.

■Monthly flat-rate service
 Three basic sets of “Sleeping”, “Learning/Working” and “Relaxing” consist of MUJI and IDÉE furniture and interior items will be available at a reasonable monthly flat-rate.
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 MUJI GINZA/MUJI Kinshicho PARCO/MUJI Grand Front Osaka/MUJI Aeon Mall Sakai Kitahanada/MUJI Kyoto Yamashina/MUJI Nagoya Meitetsu Hyakkaten/MUJI Canal City Hakata

■Petit Renovation to make home office
 We have prepared two Petit Renovation plans that enable customers to create a compact home office by slightly changing the existing layout of the room.
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 MUJI GINZA only ※planned to be expanded in the future

■“Lifestyle Consultation” online service
 In addition to the existing sessions at MUJI stores, “lifestyle consultation” online sessions will also be available, so that people who want to consult directly from their homes and those who have difficulty going out could easily make use of these services.

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