Collecting and Recycling of PET Materials Started

MUJI has started the collection of PET material bottles from Wednesday, July 1, in line with the start of its water refilling service.

MUJI, which aims for a better relationship with the nature, has been making every effort to promote the recycling of natural resources and the reduction of waste. As part of its efforts to reduce plastic waste, MUJI has started collecting and recycling PET materials. Please bring the bottles of used Moisturising Milk/ Toning Water, or “My Bottle for Water”, when they are broken or when you need to replace them with new ones. The collected bottles will be recycled into polyester raw materials, in order to reduce plastic waste and to make effective use of petroleum-derived raw materials.

We look forward to your participation.

■ Target Products
① Empty bottles of all types of Toning Water/Moisturising Milk/Booster Essence Lotion sold by MUJI
(Target volume: 150 ml, 200 ml, and 400 ml)
② My Bottle for Water
※Please remove the cap from the bottles and bring them to the store in a clean condition after washing.
※Please remove the lid of Moisturising Milk/Toning Water/Booster Essence Lotion

■ Target stores
All MUJI stores (excluding Café&Meal MUJI and IDÉE)

*Information is current as of the date of issue of the individual article.