Water Refilling Service Started

Water refilling service at water refill stations at MUJI stores (in Japan) has started from Wednesday, July 1. At the same time, the selling of “My Bottle for Water” that could be refilled by oneself and used repeatedly has also started, and the application “Water – MUJI LIFE”, which makes drinking water something fun for everyday life, has been launched.

MUJI, which aims for a better relationship with the nature, has spared no effort in promoting the recycling of natural resources and the reduction of waste. As part of its efforts to reduce plastic waste, MUJI has started this free water refilling service by installing water refill stations in its stores.

Tap water is used at the water refill station. Instead of buying new beverages in PET bottles, everyone can easily access drinking water if they bring their own bottles. We have installed water refill stations in our stores with the hope that the number of people bringing their own bottles to our stores would increase, thus providing opportunities for people to consider environmental and health-related issues. In addition to MUJI GINZA and MUJI Grand Front Osaka, water refill stations have been installed at 113 stores in Japan, mainly large-scale stores and new stores that serve as the bases of each region. Anyone can use these stations freely with their own bottles.

We believe that even by reducing one bottle per day, by everyone working together, we can help reduce the amount of PET bottle waste.
MUJI is working with the customers to think about environmental and health-related issues through drinking water.

Details of the water refilling service and target stores can be found on the “Water” page (in Japanese only).


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