On Friday June 26, MUJI GANGNAM opened in the Gangnam area (one of the major commercial districts in Seoul) after a renovation and expansion. With the theme of “cooperating with the local community through food”, this store spreads over four floors, making it the largest MUJI store in Korea.

The interior of the store is designed to make the entire space a relaxing place like home. With the idea of everyone gathering together and communicating in the earthen floor of a house, the floor of 1F is finished with concrete.

In cooperation with companies and organizations that agree with the philosophy of MUJI, this store introduces products made by local producers, herbs and other food-related plants, and invites a locally popular bakery to sell their breads in the store. What’s more, we also provide salads and lunch boxes that bring out the original taste of the ingredients.
※The sales of daily lunch boxes will start from mid-July.

This store introduces Jeogori Jacket, a limited product for Korea that learns from traditional wisdom and culture. At MUJI YOURSELF, we offer a letter-printing stamp service that allows visitors to experience the history and culture of typographic printing. What is more, pictures created by local artists are exhibited on the wall of OPEN MUJI, with the theme of “connecting” through food production to consumption.

MUJI GANGNAM will communicate MUJI’s idea of “a simple, pleasant life” in order to become a store that could truly serve the day-to-day life of local customers.

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