Sales of Reusable Organic Cotton Masks

MUJI plans to release three types of reusable masks made of summer material sequentially from the beginning of June, in addition to the repeatedly usable three-layer mask (Pack of 2) that has been sold at MUJI online store since May 1st.

With the spread of the COVID-19, mask has become a daily necessity. Since it is something people use every day, it should be made of materials nice to the skin. Instead of the use-and-discard masks that become garbage right away, we would like to provide the kind of mask that can be used repeatedly after handwashing. This is how MUJI, utilizing its product development knowledge up to know, produced the reusable masks using 100% cotton materials.

The Reusable three layer mask (Pack of 2), with antimicrobial and deodorant finishing on the surface to prevent splash, has been released at MUJI Online Store from May 1st. Approximately one million pieces have already been sold, and we will continue its sales in the future.

In addition, from the beginning of June, MUJI will release three types of reusable masks with antimicrobial and deodorant finishing - “Reusable mask (Pack of 2) / seersucker,” “Reusable mask (Pack of 2) / Slub Jersey stitch,” and “Reusable mask (Pack of 2) / PIQUE,” which will be sold at MUJI stores across Japan when the Declaration of Emergency is lifted. These masks are made from organic cotton cut-offs during the production process of MUJI’s summer pajamas, slub Jersey stitch T-shirts and pique polo shirts. They are processed with antimicrobial and deodorant finishing at a Japanese factory, the effect of which could last even after being washed about 30 times.

MUJI will continue to develop products that are helpful to consumers who wish to enjoy a simple, pleasant life.

■ Product Details

・ The mask does not completely prevent infection (invasion).
・ Antimicrobial processing is not effective to all bacteria.
・ Washing durability: Approx. 30 times (for hand washing). (Based on internal test results)