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Aiming to revitalize the community and solve local issues Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement Concluded with Itabashi Ward


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On this day of September 15th, Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd. (Toshima-ku Tokyo; President and Representative Director: Nobuo Domae) concluded a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Itabashi Ward, Tokyo (Ward mayor: Ken Sakamoto) to promote community revitalization.

Working together to make Itabashi Ward "the most desirable place to live in Tokyo", and to revitalize the community and solve local issues

Aiming to contribute to a truthful and sustainable life and society, Ryohin Keikaku is being involved in a variety of initiatives led by local authorities and residents to revitalize local communities. MUJI stores rooted in each area aim to become platforms that connect people and people, people and nature, and people and the society. At the same time, we are promoting initiatives that aim at the "co-creation of new value", such as local production for local consumption, job creation, and community development, in cooperation with local governments throughout Japan.

On the occasion of the opening of MUJI ITABASHI MINAMICHO 22 (Minami-cho, Itabashi Ward) on November 17th, we decided to conclude a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Itabashi Ward with the purpose of working together to make Itabashi ward "the most desirable place to live in Tokyo", to revitalize the community and to solve local issues.

Based on this agreement, MUJI ITABASHI MINAMICHO 22 will carry out a wide range of initiatives to revitalize local economy, such as collaborating with the "Picture Book Town Itabashi" project, promoting local culture, assisting the sales of "Itabashi-no-Ippin (One item from Itabashi)" selected by residents in Itabashi ward, and so on. In addition, we will continue to improve the community through various initiatives in the fields of environment, disaster prevention, and childcare. For example, we will establish in-store recycling stations, set up a disaster prevention corner, and introduce a "baby room" where customers can breastfeed and change their baby's diapers.

Through this agreement, we will work closely and collaborate in these diverse areas to further revitalize the community and improve services for local residents with the aim of developing a sustainable local community.

Fields to be collaborated in under the agreement

  1. Issues related to the promotion of culture and sports
  2. Issues related to industrial development
  3. Issues related to child rearing, development of next generation, and education
  4. Issues related to environmental measures
  5. Issues related to safety and security
  6. Issues related to improving the convenience and usage of public transportation
  7. Issues related to health and welfare
  8. Other issues related to community development


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