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Ryohin Keikaku to Provide Livelihood Support for People Displaced from Ukraine to Japan
Donation of Art Materials to be Used for Therapy to Children in Europe


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Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd. (Toshima-ku Tokyo; President and Representative Director: Nobuo Domae) announced today to provide assistance to people displaced from Ukraine to Japan designated by the Japanese government. Ryohin Keikaku will provide livelihood support, such as the provision of daily necessities, and will devise concrete plans alongside the central and local government of Japan, and its affiliated agencies. Furthermore, Ryohin Keikaku will provide sustaining environment including employment opportunities as necessary.

In addition, as a humanitarian initiative, Ryohin Keikaku donated 100 sets of art materials used for therapy workshops for displaced children from Ukraine in Poland.

Ryohin Keikaku will continue to consider further aid to those needed, and pray to a peaceful resolution as quickly as possible.

Livelihood Support for People Displaced from Ukraine to Japan

  1. Provision of daily necessities, such as clothing, bedding, furniture, daily supplies, etc.
  2. Provision of employment opportunities at MUJI stores and related facilities
  3. Provision of temporary housing(currently employee dormitory)

Donation to People Displaced in Neighboring Countries of Ukraine

  • Donation of 100 sets of art materials to be used for child therapy
    Ryohin Keikaku donated MUJI art materials: 100 sets of colored pencils, paper memo pads and Japanese origami paper, to the Kids Earth Fund. The Kids Earth Fund is a non-profit organization, which is holding art therapy workshops in the neighboring country of Poland to provide mental health care for children fled from Ukraine.

【Fundraising Program Launched to Support Humanitarian Aid for People Displaced from Ukraine】

A fundraising program was launched on March 15 in MUJI's online fundraising system to support humanitarian aid for people displaced from Ukraine. For every donation gathered through this online fundraising program, Ryohin Keikaku will match yen for yen, and sent to the "Response to Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis 2022" Program of Japan Platform, an international emergency humanitarian aid organization. The donations will be used to provide urgent assistance to protect people's lives and safety, such as food, temporary housing, water & sanitation, medical care, and mental health care for the internally displaced people and those who have fled to neighboring countries.

※About Kids Earth Fund

Since its establishment, Kids Earth Fund has sponsored and carried out distribution of art supplies, picture books, and more donations for children throughout the world who suffer from the results of war, poverty and environmental contamination. It puts most effort on supporting children's mental health by art, allowing children to express their inner feelings. Ryohin Keikaku agrees with the idea and activities of Kids Earth Fund. Since 2014, we have been donating a portion of the sales of "My Bag with Children's Paintings" to Kids Earth Fund, and has continued to support its activities through MUJI's Online Fundraising System.



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