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Fundraising Program Launched to Support Humanitarian Aid for Displaced People in Ukraine


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Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd. has started an online fundraising program to support humanitarian aid for displaced people in Ukraine and those who have fled to neighboring countries.

UN agencies estimate that 18 million people in Ukraine will be affected in the coming months, 6.7 million of whom will be internally displaced*1, while the number of those who have become refugees in neighboring countries may exceed 4 million*2. They also claim that $1.7 billion (around 19.5 billion yen) will be needed to provide humanitarian aid*3. In response to this situation, Ryohin Keikaku launched the program "Humanitarian Assistance to Displaced People in Ukraine" today and started accepting donations through its online fundraising system - a system that accepts donations even in small units of 10 yen.

For donations gathered through this online fundraising program, Ryohin Keikaku will donate the same amount, and all these donations will be made to "Response to Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis 2022" Program of Japan Platform, an international emergency humanitarian aid organization. The donations will be used to provide urgent assistance to protect people's lives and safety, such as food, temporary housing, water & sanitation, medical care, and mental health care for the internally displaced people and those who have fled to neighboring countries.

【Program Detail】

1.Term: Six months

*The term might be changed depending on the situation

2.How to donate

Please donate via the fundraising system in MUJI online store.

  • This service is only available for members. Member registration is required.
  • Donation can be made in units of 10 yen or 100 yen.
  • Payment can be made by credit card or MUJI GIFT CARD.

3.Where the donations go

"Response to Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis 2022" Program of Japan Platform



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