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Sales of MUJI products through CO-OP Sapporo's "Todok Home delivery system" will be started -About 120 basic everyday items will be available from the 4th week of March 2022-


Sales of MUJI products through CO-OP Sapporo's

Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd. (Toshima-ku, Tokyo; President and Representative Director: Nobuo Domae) will start sales of MUJI products in cooperation with CO-OP Sapporo (Nishi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido; CEO and President: Hideaki Omi) starting from the 4th week of March 2022. As a result of this collaboration, MUJI products will be available for purchase by "Todok" users in almost all areas of Hokkaido through the "Todok Home Delivery System (hereinafter referred to as "Todok")" that CO-OP Sapporo is offering for its members in Hokkaido.

Aiming to contribute to the lives of the people of Hokkaido by working to resolve issues in the prefecture through collaboration.

The purpose of this collaboration is to further contribute to the lives of people in the prefecture by both organizations working together to strengthen the infrastructure of everyday life in the prefecture. By handling MUJI products, CO-OP Sapporo aims to improve the customer satisfaction of "Todok" users, while our company will be able to offer products to the people in areas of Hokkaido where we have not yet opened stores, through the distribution network of Todok. By cooperating with CO-OP Sapporo, which is supported by the people of Hokkaido, we will be able to cover the whole Hokkaido area to deliver our products.

In our medium-term business plan (from September 2021 to August 2024) released last year, we have set as one of our missions that our stores will serve as community centers and address local issues. In Hokkaido, in November 2021, MUJI opened a new store, MUJI Coop Sapporo Yamahana, inside Coop Sapporo Yamahana store (Chuo-ku, Sapporo), as the first MUJI store adjacent to a supermarket in Hokkaido. The store is currently collaborating with Coop Sapporo Yamahana Store to create a store that will be useful to the local community as a hub for their everyday lives.

MUJI products will be delivered to 420,000 households of "Todok" users in the whole Hokkaido area.

"Todok" is a delivery system that Coop Sapporo has been offering to its members in Hokkaido since October 2006. As of February 2022, about 430,000 households are using the service, which offers 22,000 items ranging from food items to everyday essentials, clothing, and household goods. Through this collaboration, Coop Sapporo members who use Todok will be able to select and purchase MUJI products from the Todok catalog, the Todok app and website, even if they live in areas of Hokkaido where there are no MUJI stores.

Starting from the 4th week of March, about 120 basic everyday items will be available, and the line-up will be further expanded in the future.

120 basic everyday items including food items, skincare items, socks, towels, and cooking tools which are also popular nationwide will be available. The line-up is planned to be expanded in the future.

Examples of the products to be included (as of the fourth week of March 2022)

Food Items Curry, Pour-Over-Rice series, Soup-to-Eat series, Baumkuchen, etc.
Skincare Items Light Toning Water, Face Soap, Cleansers
Socks and Towels Right-angle Socks, Pile Bath Towel, etc.
Cooking tools Silicone Cooking Spoon, Silicone Kitchen Chopsticks, Urethane Foam Sponge, etc.
Storage Items Polypropylene File Box, Bag Organiser, etc.


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