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For revitalizing the community and solving local challenges Cooperation Agreement Signed with Kasugai City


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On this day of October 21, 2021, Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd. (Toshima-ku Tokyo; President and Representative Director: Nobuo Domae) signed the Cooperation Agreement for "Improvement of a "Simple, Pleasant Life" in Kasugai City" with Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture (Mayer: Futoshi Ito).

Working together to revitalize the community and solve local challenges with an aim of improving a "Simple, Pleasant Life" in Kasugai City

For realization of "a Simple, Pleasant Life, and Society", MUJI is being involved in a variety of initiatives to revitalize local communities with local authorities and local residents playing a leading role. Through the operation of the stores open to the community, we would like our stores to be places that connect people to people, people to nature, and people to the society. In addition, with an aim of contributing to the enrichment of local communities, we are promoting initiatives all over the country to "co-create new values" in terms of local production for local consumption, job creation and community development in cooperation with local governments.

On the occasion of the opening of "MUJI iias Kasugai" (Rokkenya-cho, Kasugai City) tomorrow, October 22 (Friday), we concluded a cooperation agreement with Kasugai City, for the purpose of realizing Kasugai City's goal of "Kasugai, a town that connects liveability and happiness", and working together to revitalize the community and solve local challenges.

Prior to the signing of this agreement, we identified local unique challenges to clarify specific issues Kasugai City was facing, and at the same time, we held discussions with Kasugai City to find out solutions. As a result, we came to the decision to develop the local area utilizing the city's agricultural products and specialities, and undertake initiatives related to disaster preparation and prevention as well as activities to accelerate recycling. We will promote these initiatives to further revitalize the community with the aim of "improving a 'Simple, Pleasant Life' in Kasugai City".

Through this agreement, Kasugai City and MUJI will work together in a variety of fields to further develop the initiatives, aiming to realize the sustainable community through revitalization of local areas and improvement of the community service.

[Fields to be collaborated in under the agreement]

  1. Activities related to industry development through the use of local resources
  2. Activities related to disaster prevention
  3. Activities related to recycling
  4. And activities related to revitalization of communities


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