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“A Simple, Pleasant Life" Starting with Music Distribution of MUJI BGM via Various Music Streaming Services


Distribution of MUJI BGM via Various Music Streaming Services

Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd. (Tokyo; Satoru Matsuzaki, President & Representative Director) will start the distribution of its in-store background music (hereinafter referred to as "BGM") via various distribution services from Wednesday, May 19. Since 2001, MUJI has released a total of 24 CDs for its BGM, presenting the traditional music with themes of 16 countries and regions around the world. There are more than 300 BGM tracks in total, all of which are original music performed by local musicians. We hope to offer our customers a kind of music that is close to their daily lives, something a bit different from the music popular only in a certain period of time.

"A Simple, Pleasant Life" and Music

MUJI regards in-store BGM as an important part of its store environment, and aims to propose "a Simple, Pleasant Life" to consumers through the entire sales floor. MUJI's BGM music series are simple without frills: they are born from people's daily lives and can go beyond time in everyday life. Since MUJI wishes to support people's daily lives through its products and services, we believe that these traditional music are in line with MUJI's way of thinking. Since 2001, we have visited 16 countries and regions around the world to look for music, especially traditional music, performed by musicians rooted in the local area and to introduce them in our BGM series.

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly changed our lifestyles, and people are spending more time at home. In the past, MUJI's BGM CDs were sold in stores and online, but since people are now spending more and more time at home, we believe that by starting music distribution service, it will make it easier for people to listen to our BGM music at any time an anywhere. Through this service, we hope to enrich people's lives and to help them enjoy different cultures around the world not only with sound but also with beautiful pictures, as if they were taking a trip around the world.

A total of 327 songs, covering from BGM2 to BGM25, will be released in order in 16 countries, starting on Wednesday, May 19.

In the future, we will expand the distribution area and aim to convey MUJI's idea of"a Simple, Pleasant Life" beyond language, even in areas where there are no MUJI stores.

Music Introduction

BGM NO.TitleCountryProduction Yearintroduction
BGM 2ParisFrance2001A collection of music performed by metro musicians in Paris.
BGM 3SicilyItaly2003Traditional music from southern Italy, mainly Sicily.
BGM 4IrelandIreland2003A collection of Irish Celtic folk music.
BGM 5Puerto RicoPuerto Rico2004Simple music of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean, the origin of Salsa music.
BGM 6AndaluciaSpain2004Folk music of Seville, the Mecca of flamenco.
BGM 7ScotlandEngland2005Traditional Scottish music.
BGM 8StockholmSweden2005This music was born from the clear light of Sweden, the land of the midnight sun.
BGM 9NaplesItaly2006Traditional music sung in Naples, southern Italy.
BGM 10Buenos AiresArgentina2006Created by visiting Buenos Aires, Argentina, the birthplace of tango, and re-arranging a famous tango song in a modern style.
BGM 11HawaiiUSA2007This is genuine Hawaiian music, produced by George Naʻope, who is known as the God of the Hula.
BGM 12ParisFrance2007The representative music of Paris, "Musette," was included.
BGM 13Rio De JaneiroBrazil2008The traditional music of Brazil, "samba" and "choro," was recorded in Rio de Janeiro.
BGM 14CornwallEngland2008This is a collection of Celtic music rooted in Cornwall, the southwestern part of England.
BGM 15PrahaCzech Republic2009Created by visiting Prague of Czech Republic, known as the "Music Academy of Europe," and recording traditional baroque music.
BGM 16BeijingMainland China2011Recorded in Beijing with local Chinese musicians, using mainly Chinese music from the B.C. period, arranged with a modern sound.
BGM 17IrelandIreland2012A selection of Celtic songs rooted in Ireland, recorded in Dublin with local musicians.
BGM 18BretagneFrance2013French Celtic music recorded locally by Brittany musicians, presenting the music of the Brittany region in western France.
BGM 19GaliciaSpain2014Recorded in Galicia, Spain, a place of pilgrimage surrounded by beautiful sea and forest. This is a collection of Celtic and Iberian music performed by local musicians.
BGM 20LimaPeru2015The music of Lima, Peru, and Musica Criolla's delicate and powerful music has been enjoyed and passed on by the common people of Lima, who come from a variety of racial and cultural backgrounds, including Europe, Africa, and the Andes.
BGM 21BulgariaBulgaria2016This is an introduction to the variety of traditional Bulgarian music, mixing songs from the regions of Bulgaria where music is most popular. Songs from the northern, southwestern, and western regions of Bulgaria are combined with Holodance songs.
BGM 22BasqueSpain2017Basque region is famous for food and art. This is an original recording of traditional music using the most traditional and indigenous Basque instruments that are essential to Basque music.
BGM 23LatviaLatvia2018Latvia is a beautiful country, known as the "Lady of the Baltics", with a rich history and excellent architecture. Many attractive songs by local musicians were nurtured there. These are original recordings made in Latvia.
BGM 24FinlandFinland2019Finland is the land of forests and lakes. Beautiful and transparent music by local musicians is recorded.
BGM 25IrelandIreland2020Ireland is a country where Celtic culture has taken root. Local musicians have made original recordings of music that has been nurtured for a long time.

Music distribution platform

* More platforms will be added in the future.

Spotify Playlist

As environmental music without vocals, we hope that the BGM music can be enjoyed by people while tele-working or relaxing at home. To do so, we will periodically update BGM playlists, choosing music from various series, to be enjoyed according to different scenes. The Spotify playlists will be updated four times a year.


30 songs - 1 hour 40 minutes
This is a playlist of songs from BGM2~25 with the concept of "enjoying early summer."
  1. Até Amanhã
  2. Derecho Viejo
  3. Gran Valzer
  4. E Huli Hoi Mai - Radio Hula
  5. Manamanalima
  6. Guajira de la cala
  7. Rapaz Folgado
  8. Sara
  9. Quando O Samba Acabou
  10. Seis Montebello
  11. Passeggiando Per Lipari
  12. Los Magos De Oriente
  13. Joropo
  14. Medley folklórico
  15. Jesus Amoroso
  16. Medley de seis
  17. Pequeña
  18. Yira yira
  19. Feitio de Oração
  20. II carnevale di Venezia
  21. Por una cabeza
  22. Volvió Una Noche
  23. Flor Amorosa
  24. Brejeiro
  25. Los cuatro muleros
  26. El vals de la Guinea
  27. Malagueña
  28. Pastorale Siciliana
  29. La Traviata - Preludio All'atto
  30. El Dia Que Me Quieras


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