Store Support Department - Helping Stores Run Efficiently from the Headquarter

 At MUJI, we value customer satisfaction above all else, which is why the Store Support Department exists to improve store operations so that store members can focus on serving the customers.

■Enhance store operations in multiple ways so store members can do their job even better
 A total of eight members support the store operations in two primary ways. The first is managing basic store information and responding to store inquiries. More specifically, they control store management tools, update store information on the web, update store manual, and process store invoices. The second is implementing measures to improve operational efficiency, increase sales per person, and reduce costs. For instance, they work with IT Services Department and EC & Digital Services Department to design and implement cash register as well as other systems. In other instances, they work with Sales Department and Channel Development Department to manage product delivery or with the Payroll and Welfare Section to manage work schedule. While most of their work is for stores in Japan, they also assist relevant teams in other countries on system operations.

■Working with many stores and headquarter departments can be both challenging and rewarding
 The role requires heavy back and forth exchanges with various departments on multiple issues, resulting in high volume of communication and difficult to manage schedules. Rolling out company-wide policies to stores in an easy to understand manner is especially difficult to implement smoothly. On the other hand, the job is rewarding because the initiatives directly affect the stores and often results in positive reactions from customers and store members.

■Customer-first, store-first
 The department considers the needs of stores and customers above all else to come up with easy to understand initiatives that improves operational efficiency, so that store members have more time to face the customers.