Corporate Information

What Ryohin Keikaku is aiming for

Ryohin Keikaku, as a group of independently-managed stores, aims to become a world-class highly profitable company that contributes to the global community in order to achieve the "simple, pleasant life and society" it proposes. What is more, MUJI is established through conscience and creativity, and together with customers who desire a simple and beautiful life, we could create the best and strongest "basics and universals of living" for the future.

We want to take on the challenge of achieving the highest purchase recall rate from our customers in the basic fields of clothing, household goods, and food. In order to achieve this goal, we will continue to refine the quality, price and meaning of MUJI products, and provide lifestyle basics that are truly essential for day-to-day life through a variety of stores and businesses, such as our online business, MUJI HOTEL and MUJI HOUSE.

However, in our current society, issues are piling up in our immediate surroundings such as public spaces that have been abandoned due to the declining birthrate, aging population and population concentration in urban areas, as well as resources that have been left behind without being used. By developing peripheral businesses and services that are helpful in solving these local communities' issues based on MUJI's consistent ideology and operating them ourselves, we will contribute to the coexistence and development of life, culture and the environment. As for the future of this concept, we are picturing the future of a "simple, pleasant society," where business activities, no matter how small they are, and rich culture can be fostered, while those who are involved in local communities would appreciate the efforts of each other.

In order to realize this vision, we believe that it is necessary to proceed with transitioning to individual store administration where MUJI stores plan and act on their own, and that strong corporate governance due to the participation of all stakeholders is necessary.